Sunday, April 17, 2005

Jessie's Book

And here are my favorites from Jessie's book. It's nearly done, I just need to do a 'Firsts' page, her 12 month pictures and her 1st birthday. And then I'll likely come up with a 'mommy's girl' page and one for my mother and her as well, but... the majority of it is done. ;)

Birth Mementos:

When you wish upon a star:

Cute as a Button:

Likely my favorite layout, even if it is tres' bulky in the book.

I love my Toes!:

Across the Generations:

Baptism layout 1:

I actually reproduced her dress in vellum with an embossing stylus. Looks way cool. The framed photo in the bottom right is a card with journaling and more pictures inside.

Baptism layout 2:

Again, same frame - it's a card. My mother has written something to her in there.

First Foods:

Liam's Book

Okay, so I was bored tonight, and beacuse a couple of people at LJ were interested, here are some of my favorite layouts.

Unfortunately, I love all the ones for Liam's book so far, so here goes:

Title page:

The border on the left is made of 22 gauge silver plate wire. The beads are sterling blocks that spell out Liam's name, with Swarvski blue crystal block beads as the spacers. Now you know why I want to make Swarovski rosaries for the kids for their confirmations. ;)

First Day:

Precious Boy:

The free blue space is a pocket that I'm going to tuck some journaling in, and stencil some words across the bottom of it.


Valentine's Day - 3 Months:

The framed photo on the right is actually a card that has journaling inside it.